Introduction - Students attend colleges and universities...

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Students attend colleges and universities with many goals in mind, two of which are to graduate with a degree that holds value and to successfully obtain internships or job offers and opportunities. At the University of Colorado at Boulder, there is a department called Career Services that aims to assist students in realizing and achieving these career objectives. Career Services is open to the entire student body across campus, and even to recent graduates. Advisors at Career Services help to plan, promote, and refine students’ profiles so that students can present themselves with confidence and higher assurance of their worth as a qualified applicant within job pools. The website offered by Career Services and available for use by students includes career-related resources and guidance ranging from cover letter and resume writing, to interview preparation and job hunting strategies. In addition, students are able to create profiles online that are used to sort out which job openings are suitable to what they want or what their experiences qualify them for. However, this does not necessarily mean Career Services points all students in the right direction as an automated system differs significantly from personal interactions with advisors. Furthermore, Career Services doesn’t currently execute a standout program that actually connects students to potential employers. Sending information to students covers one aspect, but generating action and participation at corporate socials or employer gatherings introduces yet another perhaps more pressing issue. The advice and support Career Services has to offer is not what is in question in terms of identifying a problem with the department. A potential problem with Career Services lies in the way students may view their services and whether the actual influence of Career
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Introduction - Students attend colleges and universities...

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