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letter of trasmittal

letter of trasmittal - of the report is to address flaws...

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515 Manhattan Dr. Boulder, CO 80303 April 26 th 2010 Name of recipient Title Company Street Address City, State ZIP Dear Dr. Name: We are submitting this report to draw attention to the lack of opportunity that career services and CU gives to CU graduates. The opportunity to present this report was assigned on April 13 2010. This report addresses the CU career services. The purpose
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Unformatted text preview: of the report is to address flaws and suggest improvements with the CU career services. We conclude that changes should be made. These changes could drastically help CU career services and therefore help the CU students and graduates along with the whole university as a whole. What action or input is requested? Sincerely, Signature Brandon Rochelle Student...
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