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Professor Peter Kratzke WRTG 3040 23 February 2010 A Passing League Football is a game with three major components, Offense, Defense and Special Teams. In today’s game the Offense is where most people watching the sport are drawn. The offense can be broken down into two parts, the running game and the passing game. Today a team needs to have a solid passing game, as recently there has been a shift from the original thought that a team needs a strong running game to succeed. Because of this shift teams need a top talent wide receiver more than ever. Chad Ochocinco and Andre Johnson are two of the premiere pass- catchers in the NFL. However, they differ in their demeanor. In the Category of wide receivers personalities Ochocinco and Johnson exemplify the difference between the flamboyant and the modest. The type of personality that a wide receiver is can be seen by the way he acts on the field. The flamboyant wide receiver has elaborate celebrations after touchdowns and even takes some plays off. Ochocinco celebrates his touchdowns with premeditated celebrations. In a list released in August 2006 by Fox Sports listing the top 10 showboats in professional sports,
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“Johnson topped the list”(. This is very different for Johnson because he is nowhere to be seen on that list. The modest, after touchdowns will celebrate. However, the celebration will not be to the scale of the flamboyant. Johnson will celebrate
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Ochocinco - Professor Peter Kratzke WRTG 3040 23 February...

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