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IPHY 3420 – EXAM #1 REVIEW OUTLINE I) General terms and concepts a. Energy density b. Nutrient density c. 6 classes of nutrients d. Essential nutrients e. Energy systems and fuel sources f. Homeostasis g. Digestion vs. absorption II) Carbohydrates (CHO) a. Functions b. Types 1. Simple sugars i. Monosaccharides ii. Disaccharides 2. Complex CHO (polysaccharides) i. Starch ii. Glycogen – types and functions iii. Fiber – types and functions c. CHO digestions and absorption 1. Mechanical vs. chemical 2. Enzymes 3. Location (mouth, stomach, small intestine) d. Blood glucose control 1. Glycemic index 2. Blood glucose levels (normal, hyperglycemia) 3. Hormones 4. Glycogenesis, glycogenolysis, gluconeogenesis 5. Diabetes i. Type 1 vs. type 2 ii. Health consequences e. CHO intake recommendations
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Unformatted text preview: f. Natural vs. artificial sweeteners 1. Sugar 2. Sugar alcohols 3. Saccharin, aspartame III) Lipids (fats and oils) a. Functions b. Types and sources 1. Triglycerides i. Saturated ii. Unsaturated a. MUFAs b. PUFAs ii. Essential FAs a. Omega-3 b. Omega-6 iii. Trans fat 2. Phospholipids 3. Cholesterol i. Chylomicrons ii. VLDL iii. LDL iv. HDL c. Cardiovascular disease (CVD) 1. Process of atherosclerosis 2. Desirable blood glucose and lipid ranges i. Glucose: 70-100mg/dL ii. Triglycerides: < 150 mg/dL iii. Total cholesterol: < 200 mg/dL iv. LDL cholesterol: < 100 mg/dL v. HDL cholesterol: > 60mg/dL 3. Diet and lifestyle recommendations (if we have time) i. Fat ii. CHO iii. Lifestyle IV) Homework readings...
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exam-1-review-outline - f Natural vs artificial sweeteners...

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