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8/23/10 1 Digestion vs. absorption Digestion The process by which _________ molecules are mechanically or chemically broken down to _________ molecules. Absorption The process by which substances are taken up from the gastrointestinal (GI) tract and enter the _________ Enzymes Enzymes Protein catalysts that speed up the rates of chemical reactions, but are not altered by the reactions. •__________digestion •Named after function performed (-ase) Lactose maldigestion, intolerance Shortage of __________ Lactose not digested, absorbed •__________ in large intestine •Abdominal pain, gas, diarrhea Treatment •Up to 1 cup milk •Yogurt and hard cheese •Lactaid TM , lactase pills
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8/23/10 2 CHO Digestion - overview Mouth •Salivary __________ Stomach •__________ Small intestine •Pancreatic __________ •Maltase, sucrase, lactase
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Unformatted text preview: CHO functions - sugars and starch __________ Brain, intense exercise __________ Gluconeogenesis __________ Incomplete breakdown of fat pH 1) 2) 3) CHO functions - glycogen __________ Maintains blood glucose __________ Provides muscles with energy Glycogenesis Glycogenolysis 8/23/10 3 Fiber functions (undigestible CHO) 1) __________ (insoluble ber) 2) __________ (both) 3) __________ (soluble ber) CONTENT REVIEW What happens to CHO in the mouth, stomach, and small intestine (digestion)? What are the differences between glucose and fructose absorption? What are the 3 main functions of CHO? What/why is gluconeogenesis? What are the benets of eating ber? Which type of ber helps lower blood cholesterol levels?...
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notes-2-cho-digestion-function - CHO functions - sugars and...

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