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1aa3-2010-exam-info_PB_a - Final Exam Thurs Apr 22 2 p.m(3...

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1 Chem 1AA3 Final Exam: Thurs. Apr. 22, 2 p.m. (3 h) Exam rooms : Please refer to exam schedule (know where your room is!). You must go to your assigned room. Writing in an incorrect room is considered to be suspicious behaviour. http://registrar.mcmaster.ca/scheduling/examfinalb.php ~37 multiple choice questions; 3 hours Topics and approximate numbers of questions : Organic chem. (6 Q), Chem. Bio (2 Q), Acid-Base (8 Q), IMF (5 Q) Kinetics (16 Q), includes material from Labs 8-10. Bring: Casio FX991 calculator, MAC ID card, pencils, eraser
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