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Flat Earth Society Response

Flat Earth Society Response - obviously not there The...

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Christina Suarez February 27, 2008 ENG 105- Marsom Flat Earth Society Response Right away there are tons of fallacies that pop out. The author uses fallacies to persuade the reader into thinking that his theory is correct and that everyone else’s theories are false. The author is trying to persuade the reader into thinking that the Earth is flat and that the “round Earth” people are crazy and wrong. He uses the argumentum ad hominem fallacy against Christopher Columbus to prove that his theory was insane. The author abusively attacks Columbus by pointing out all the flaws in his theory. He also tries to appeal to improper authority by taking the word of two scientists who sound unreliable as is. The authority he is appealing to is also very biased because they to believe that the Earth is round. The author also uses a very hasty generalization by taking these random “facts” and trying to prove a point that is
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Unformatted text preview: obviously not there. The author had fallacies of relevance, component fallacies, fallacies of ambiguity, and fallacies of omission. This is definitely not an effective argument based on the information he provided. Even though the author had some supporting evidence, it was not necessarily true. The information he relied on was a little unsteady and was unable to be supported. He definitely did his “research” but collected it from a source that was wrong. Because the author used so many fallacies to support his argument, it made his argument very weak. When the reader detects that the author is using the fallacies, it actually backfires on them by making the reader think that the author is unintelligent and deceptive. To make this argument effective, the author should avoid using fallacies and pick a side that has better support and evidence....
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