Abstractdprfinal - much research the conclusion developed...

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Abstract: The purpose of our project was to assess and fix the problem students had with opening doors to residence halls while their hands were full. This problem seemed to be a common theme amongst the students at Virginia Tech based on the fact that many complaints were received about this situation. It was our goal to develop and implement a way to allow students to access the residence halls more easily. We debated between a few different options which included a magnetic card swipe, a wireless smart key, and a fingerprint scanner. One of these systems would replace the current use of swipe cards. After peace-wise comparison charts and
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Unformatted text preview: much research the conclusion developed was in favor of the fingerprint scanner. The fingerprint scanner was the most reliable, consumed little energy, and allowed the user access to the residence hall with only the touch of the finger. The door would automatically open, and the student with their hands full would be allowed to walk right in without compromising any security codes the school may enforce. It is recommended that our system is implemented into the residence halls across campus. It will lessen stress on students, speed up move-ins and move-outs, and it would be a nice capital investment for the school....
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Abstractdprfinal - much research the conclusion developed...

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