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Annotated Bibliography Heaton, Pamela. "Assessing Musical Skill in Autistic Children that are Not Savants." Philosophical Transactions: Biological Sciences . 364.1522 (2010): 6. Print. This journal gives a plethora of information on studies carried out involving autistic children and their natural abilities to relate and recognize musical patterns. The journal is interesting because it actually looks at all autistic children rather than the savants that have received the most attention from the scientific community. According to one of the studies, 6 out of 11 children with autism all had music- related behaviors that were extraordinary given their developmental levels (2). One of the children could identify between 18 symphonies and give the composer name by the age of 18 months (2). What the journal will add to my paper is the proven evidence that autistic children have a pre-disposition to be
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Unformatted text preview: musically inclined. This being said, I can than make a stronger argument for the use of musical therapy in autistic children. If music is something that they have natural talent in, it means it is something that is more natural to them. The more natural a therapeutic approach is the better; especially when dealing with an autistic child due to their hindered social skills and behavior around others. The journal goes in depth and describes autistic non-savant talents such as their absolute pitch ability, timbre recognition, and also spared music perception. It even dedicates a section as to why autistic people are so drawn to music and the future applications that could be pursued. EBSCO Host Academic Search....
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