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Annotated Bibliography5

Annotated Bibliography5 - Hourigan Ryan and Amy...

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Unformatted text preview: Hourigan, Ryan, and Amy Hourigan. "Teaching Music to Children with Autism: Understandings and Perspectives." Music Educators Journal . 96.1 (2009): 40-45. Print. “Teaching Music to Children with Autism: Understandings and Perspectives” is an article that’s main purpose is to not overview autistic spectrum disorder, but rather to offer strategies in the areas of communication and behavior as they relate to the music classroom. It also goes on to address potential sensory, emotional, and social concerns that may affect music students with autism. The actual information contained in the article has been derived from research on education of children with autism, music therapy research, and current education projects with children with autism in music education programs. It dedicates specific sections of the article to the relation of children on the spectrum to music, communication strategies, and various types of behavior that is linked to music in some way. The reason this article can be beneficial to my paper, is because of the fact that in order to use music therapy, an...
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