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Staba 1 Joe Staba Mr. Oakey English 1106 16 March 2010 Music and My Self-Realization Music has definitely changed me as a person in many different ways as it has for countless people. Music can act as an escape from reality for many, and it can just provide that tune that can make a horrible day feel not that bad, and it can open up your eyes to something you could have never known was going on. For me, music allowed me to break out of my sheltered self and see on a more broad level. In my situation, rap music woke me up to different events that I had no clue ever happened. Through this, I became more aware of my surroundings. Following that, I became more self-aware and went through a period of self-realization. This all started with the rap community back in the 80s and 90s, which was much more conscious of their surroundings than the rap community currently. Now-a-days, rappers focus more on publicity and producing music that has no truth or deeper meaning. In the 80s and 90s, rap music was made to express emotion and make the truth of black’s hardship known in America. Whenever the topic of influential rappers is brought up, the two names, Biggie Smalls and Tupac Shakur, will automatically pop into the head of any seasoned listener of rap music. This is because their music has been so influential to a vast number of people and I am no exception to their influence. They have made me a better person, a better listener, and someone who can understand and relate to other people easily. It all started years ago when I first heard rap music. The first song similar to rap that I heard was shown to me by one of my friends when I was in or around the fourth grade. At this
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Staba 2 time, no one in our grade had ever heard rap and this made our group of friends feel exclusive. The only reason we were ahead of the game was because our friend Jake had a cool older brother who would always give Jake the music he listened to. This connection would prove to be useful for many other things besides music in our adolescent days. As soon as Jake showed me the song “Summertime”, by Sublime, I fell in love with the rhythm, flow, and beat that accompanies songs where artists more than often talk rather than sing. This was only the beginning of my exploration into the rap genre. With a little more age and maturity, my search for deep and meaningful rap music continued, exposing me to a magnitude of artists and styles of rap that I could never imagine existed. This allowed me to focus on the few artists that I really enjoyed listening to. At that age, I couldn’t really relate to what the artists were saying or what they were making references to because I just didn’t have enough knowledge at the time (which was probably a good thing). After a certain amount of time went by of listening to rap music, the ability to recognize which
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essay one - Staba 1 Joe Staba Mr. Oakey English 1106 16...

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