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Unformatted text preview: Joe Staba Dialogic Journal #1 I found The Imaginative Mind and the Role of Listener to be very repetitive, bland (in some parts), and contained a style that made something very simple seem very complex. Throughout the whole chapter the same point kept getting brought up over and over again; the fact that music cannot be defined specifically because it has different meanings to everyone who listens to it. I think this is obvious enough that saying it more than once was not needed. Other than the fact that the topic of music’s meaning and how it couldn’t be defined was repeated, I did find some parts of the passage interesting. The first part of the passage that I could relate to was the fact that music has different meanings to everyone. All I have to do to prove that is ask two of my friends what they listen to and why and they will have totally different responses. The reasons range from anywhere to relaxing to getting pumped up for a sporting event. The range of reasons why people listen to music is explained simply by the massive sporting event....
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