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The lack of inconvenience that the swiping of the Hokie Passports serve in order to get into the dorms can definitely be improved. There are many alternatives that would allow students to enter their dorms without using their hands. There have been multiple complaints involving the difficulty to enter a hall while carrying one or more objects. The task will not be easy because the opening of the doors will still have to involve some sort of force, whether that be with your hands or some other type of source. This is where a huge problem still lingers. A
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Unformatted text preview: solution that involves the automatic scanning of a swipe card but does not allow the opening of a door automatically is defeating our products whole purpose. A combination of systems and products needs to be implemented that can maximize the efficiency of opening the doors hands free. There are obviously many flaws currently with the system and this is why we have chosen to tackle this task. A large percentage of the student body would greatly appreciate an easier way of gaining access to their dorms....
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