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proposal essay2 - Staba 1 Joe Staba Mr Oakey English 1106 1...

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Staba 1 Joe Staba Mr. Oakey English 1106 1 April 2010 Essay 2: Formal Proposal Introduction The purpose of my essay is to look at the therapeutic effects of music and more specifically its effect on children with autism. The notion of music as therapy has been around for years, but it seems recently (within the past 20 years) that music therapy has been broken down and studied extensively. Because autism is such a widespread condition in children and can be very hindering, depending on the severity, the full benefits of music therapy should be explored and if effective, should be utilized as much as possible. The ability to give an autistic child the opportunity to improve social skills, interaction, and self confidence can be life changing. The fact that music therapy is such a non-invasive and non-confrontational approach, makes it a prime candidate for dealing with autistic children who have tendencies to be introverted and non-commutative. Some autistic people have tendencies to have unusual sensitivities to music, such as possessing perfect pitch or having exceptional skills at playing an instrument. All of these qualities that music and autistic people share build the perfect combination of effective therapy. There is much to be discussed about the implementation and benefits of music therapy and autistic children. Research Topic I became interested in this topic due to my curiosity of the effects that music has on people in general, and furthermore, how drastic these effects can be. The ability for music to
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proposal essay2 - Staba 1 Joe Staba Mr Oakey English 1106 1...

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