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Reflection Essay - 12601 Joe Staba Reflection Essay...

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12601 Joe Staba Reflection Essay Overall, my understanding of engineering design has changed a good deal. I came into the course not really know what engineering fully encompassed. After many workshops and lectures the picture became a little clearer. This all began with the introduction of our BUG design project. It was obvious that the course was trying to imitate as closely as possible the process through which we would go through when designing a product in the working field. I was curious to see how the whole process would unfold and how my team would be able to deal with the task of carrying out a whole design process. As the process continued and our group completed our last DPR, I began reflecting and compared my experience to my internship experience during my senior year in high school. I was interning at Air Cruisers which provided rafts and floats for aircrafts. There I had to implement a new piece of manufacturing equipment that would make their production process faster and more technologically advanced. Although I was not designing a product, I was also
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Reflection Essay - 12601 Joe Staba Reflection Essay...

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