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Please do this at the end or during the caffeine lab (experiment 4) so it is ready for next week. Procedure: Set up a photoisomerization experiment that will run during the week. You will analyze the results next week. To a 13x100-mm test tube (this must be a test-tube that fits in the sun-lamp rack so make sure it fits first and that the test tube has a lip on it to prevent it from sliding through the hole in the rack), add 25mg of trans-1,2-
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Unformatted text preview: dibenzoylethylene and 2.0 mL of 95% EtOH. It won’t completely dissolve so heat a beaker containing about 3.0 cm of water on a hot plate/stirrer and put the test tube in there to warm up the solution. Once it is dissolved, allow it to cool down and then either cork it or cover it with whatever is provided in lab. Label your test tube and give it to your TA to keep during the week....
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