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Team Prodity 6-2-2 Synopsis for BB

Team Prodity 6-2-2 Synopsis for BB - HR – The human...

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MKTG – The marketing goal is to increase sales by 10% each year, increase market to 6.9% by 2010, keep the primary market set at 18-30 years of age and the secondary market set at 30-50 years of age, obtain 10% market share all regions by 2011, retain 75% current base by using the customer reward program, increase number of new customers by 10% using the bonus program for new customers, and increase number of repeat sales 30% by using promotional database. FINA – The finance goal is to be able to monitor all cash flows, including financial statements and balance sheets, by centralizing the finance division of Great Cups, determine a logical budget for all departments of Great Cups to follow, and focus on product sales from managers of all locations in order to determine any acquisitions or change of locations.
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Unformatted text preview: HR – The human resource goal is to implement and communicate effectively HR roles in staffing, recruiting, legal/compliance, benefits/compensation, training/development, and legal/compliance; and use key HR performance drivers to attract, train, and retain quality employees to assist Great Cups of Coffee Company in achieving its goals and objectives; and to motivate employees to increase customers’ satisfaction in turn, increase the company’s bottom-line profits. MIS – The MIS is responsible for the systems analysis and design. It performs a hardware and software evaluation and selection and is responsible for the network architecture and security. It also tackles the implementation and migration plan and provides ongoing support....
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