HW2_Sol - Telcom 2110 Network Design Homework#2 Spring 2010...

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Telcom 2110 Network Design Homework #2 Spring 2010 1. Consider the applications below – classify them as a type of flow as discussed in Slide set 3 (client server, peer –to –peer, etc.) Application Typical Bit Rates Bit Rate Variation Flow Type VoIP 8-32Kbps Constant Peer-to-Peer Internet Access 64 Kbps – 2Mbps Very High Client-Server Video Conferencing 256Kbps – 4Mbps High Peer-to-Peer Collaborative Document Processing 32-128 Kbps Low Server-to-Server TV Broadcast 1 – 8 Mbps High Terminal/Host 2. Consider a corporation that has four physical locations. Location A is the administrative office, Location B is the engineering design center which hosts all corporate servers and connects to external networks, Location C is a factory, and Location D is a warehouse. Given the following data about the applications used by the corporation – determine an application map and traffic matrix. Application Locations (Max Number of Users) Typical Mean Bit Rate Internet Access A (50), B(90), C(5), D (5) 150 Kbps CAD/M Tool B (50), C(25) 400 Kbps Sales/Order Tracking A(30), B(5), C(25), D(5) 60 Kbps VoIP A(50), B(90), C(25), D(5) 8Kbps All traffic of Internet access only goes to Location B which connects to external networks. Hence, there is no Internet traffic between A, C and D. CAD/M Tool traffic is used between Location B and C only Sales/Order Tracking and VoIP traffic is used among all locations Application Map:
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Traffic Matrix: A B C D A - 50(150)+30(60)+50(8) 30(60)+50(8) 30(60)+50(8) B 5(60)+90(8) - 5(60)+50(400)+90(8) 5(60)+90(8) C 25(60)+25(8) 25(60)+5(150)+25(400)+25(8) - 25(60)+25(8) D 5(60)+5(8) 5(60)+5(150)+5(8) 5(60)+5(8) - 3. A router costs $8,000 to purchase and has an expected life of 5 years with a $800 salvage
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HW2_Sol - Telcom 2110 Network Design Homework#2 Spring 2010...

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