1-19 - o Changed the economics of the time and the way...

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SOCI 305 1 1/19/2010 How is Infancy Socially Constructed? SOCI 305 Swaddling o Wrapping babies in blankets so movement is restricted o Native Americans used to swaddle their babies and carry them o Connection between religion and practicality o Religion- colonial times, notion of original sin, being shaped by adults Pictures of little kids from colonial times (Early American history) are disproportioned, serious, made to look like adults Walking stool from the seventeenth century: toys were discouraged in this era Colonial times (1760s into the early 1800s)- shift away from the idea of children being born of original sin toward tabula rosa, naturalness of childhood, you don’t need to make children wear corsets so their limbs grow straight Infant mortality rates declining As work began to move away from the home, infancy becomes more of a focus
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Unformatted text preview: o Changed the economics of the time and the way people began to think about infants as infancy became a less risky time in life o Notion of innocence in childhood took hold o Babies celebrated for their purity • Over time, baby carriages grow more elaborate o Posed photographs: increased value of children • No notions of displaying gender • Child science- emerged at the end of the 19 th century o Parenting advice started as a science o Initially siblings would raise children but eventually parents o Children’s idealization was inflated to maintain the gender order Expanded after WWII Not just physical survival at issue but psychological SOCI 305 2 1/19/2010 o Children’s emotional importance inflated- the cult of domesticity, romanticizing of children and mothers...
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1-19 - o Changed the economics of the time and the way...

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