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1-26 - • 1930s Depression Era o Children started...

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SOCI 305 1 1/26/2010 Contemporary Conceptions of Childhood Has Childhood Disappeared? SOCI 305 Historical Realities of Childhood o Economic value Parents would take out life insurance policies o Physical vulnerability o Orphans defined by economic/ethnic background of parents o Adolescence is a privilege Only experienced by the affluent o Slave children’s family ties were discarded and purposefully broken o Education was not economically useful Today there is a widespread belief that childhood is in danger o Buckingham’s points Merely a tool used by adults Political tool Media influence Reconstruct nostalgic childhood Relive own ideal thoughts of childhood How we think of childhood is the result of our perceptions, our ways of seeing rather than any objective truth Attempt to control information
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Unformatted text preview: • 1930s Depression Era o Children started attending school in greater numbers for longer periods of time o New Deal Aid for Families with Dependent Children • Do away with orphan trains now that children are viewed as emotionally priceless SOCI 305 2 1/26/2010 • AFDC made it possible for poor families especially poor widows to be able to keep their kids School Lunches • Buy surplus food off agricultural market and use the food in schools for poor kids • 1940s World War II o Children would work in New Deal opportunities • Postwar o Prosperity o Mass production o Suburbia o Parents didn’t want their children to know the suffering of the depression Saved lots of money, bought homes Emphasis on mothering baby boom o...
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1-26 - • 1930s Depression Era o Children started...

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