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2-2 - safe/protected/happy o Comstock Laws attempts to...

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SOCI 305 1 2/2/10 How and Why is Innocence Socially Constructed? SOCI 305 Innocence: notions of purity, vulnerability, harmlessness We see children like a blank screen of purity o Project onto the screen of innocence symbols that are culturally significant Kincaid: fetishize the image of an infant’s nude body o Representation of innocence o Image that we gravitate to Marjorie Hines: how the notion of indecency shifts and changes over time, consistencies o Indecency has a history o Increasing centrality of sex as a public concern o The notion of sex and indecency is a construction that creates discource Began in the Victorian Era, coincides with the Industrial Revolution o Idea of indecency is a question of control. Children are symbols of what we need to protect, they aren’t the product, they’re a means (buy X because your children will be
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Unformatted text preview: safe/protected/happy) o Comstock Laws- attempts to control indecency • Kitzinger: the dangers of innocence and sexual abuse o We define innocence as the absence of sexual experience o Sexual innocence as alluring—causes sexual predation o If a child is no longer innocent sexually, are they no longer a child? o In the name of innocence, we keep information from children o Notion of a passive victim minimizes resistance that children put up o Empowerment is limited The nature of the way we construct childhood is the opportunity for abuse o Power imbalances o p. 422-3 • Problems with the notions of innocence SOCI 305 2 2/2/10 o Lack of knowledge about substance abuse o Sexual education o sheltering...
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