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Contemporary Theories of Childhood Limits of modern theories o Passive and incomplete o Decontextualized and isolated Thorne: Think about children as a separate social category o Don’t treat them as totally autonomous o Don’t see them as isolated social category o Unique: transitory but still a social category Can’t jump ethnic boundaries but everyone has been a child Interpretive Reproduction and Corsaro: o Creative appropriation- observe world around them and interpret meaning from those observations o Negotiate meaning with peers- interpretations change through play with friends o Children recreate meanings- ex: baby can’t pronounce name new name used by everyone ex: recreate rule of not bringing toys to school- interactive kind of relationship that benefits themselves ex: playing bank with toys, not $ The New Paradigm p. 127 o The way we see children is created socially and collectively
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Unformatted text preview: o Many ways of experiencing childhood o Children should be studied as they are, not for what they will become Study by talking with them – ethnography Adults interpretations of child behavior often incomplete Assume we understand what they mean o Children are ACTIVE in the broader society o If we change the way we think about children, it will alter our research new knowledge new way of experiencing childhood o Often see children from binary perspective as non-adults o Challenges in research: devalue activities like play and belittle ethnographic methods and studying children Barrier of adult trying to research children- few children doing research Redefining childhood redefining adulthood Hard to obtain research grants and parental consent...
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