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SOCI 305 1 2/11/10 Contemporary Theories of Childhood SOCI 305 Problem of socialization: has an individualistic and forward looking connotation Interpretive reproduction: rather than absorbing the world around them and internalizing it, children are actively reconstructing meaning o Three step process Creative appropriation: children observe the world around them and interpret the meaning of their experiences Negotiate meaning with peers Children recreate meanings o Infuse their own experiences with meanings that are beneficial to their interests New way of seeing childhood: new paradigm o The way that we make sense of this biological immaturity is profoundly social
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Unformatted text preview: o Challenges to changing the way people see childhood o There are many ways of experiencing childhood o Children’s social relationships are independent of adults o Privelege the meanings that adults give to behavior and discount the meanings that children give to their own lives “children don’t understand” o Children are and must be seen as active in the construction of their own lives, children are not the passive subjects of social structures and processes o Engage in and respond the process of reconstructing childhood in society • Challenges to implementing this paradigm...
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