3-4 - o Socioeconomic status o In middle class families...

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SOCI 305 1 3/4/10 Children’s Experiences in Families SOCI 305 Children play many roles in the family Valenzuela: Chilren are active in the process of settlement (immigration) o Ongoing process that can last a lifetime o Girls took on more responsibility o Advocacy o Children are very central in helping parents o Children are placed in powerful positions, can negotiate their own rewards and benefits by virtue of having more knowledge about the culture than their parents (language-wise) Lareau: got to observe families, stayed with them
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Unformatted text preview: o Socioeconomic status o In middle class families, children had another type of power Children got to participate in more organized activities: concerted cultivation In this process children learned to interact with a lot of adults to feel comfortable interacting Family schedule centered around the kids Negotiations with kids o Working class families No negotiation, direct orders Free time Natural growth Couldn’t afford activities...
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