3-9 - o End of 19 th century books began to involve...

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SOCI 305 1 3/9/10 Children’s Lives: Books and Play SOCI 305 “preferred play” (sports, organized activity, educational, leadership, etc. Concerted cultivation: parents intervening to help shape their children through participation in organized activities Competitive activities (mostly middle class) o A lot of other kids, and you have to make sure your kid stands out o Competitive nature has to do with economic reasons that encourage parents to feel like college is a competition, constant preparation for children to compete with peers o Middle class parents accustom their children to competition to make them more competitive for admissions, professional marketplace Focus on reading has shifted over time o Children acquire creativity, etc. through reading o There were a lot of critics of fanciful tales because they were thought to promote daydreaming and lack of rationality o Time when creativity was believed to be antithetical to success
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Unformatted text preview: o End of 19 th century: books began to involve children as the main character (Mark Twain, etc.) Children are becoming romanticized Violence would have been a very common way for parents to control their children in the literature o McGuffy Reader Simple, basic learning to read, do not encourage creativity Contemporary context promotes these things • Economically useful o Things that are predominantly promoted and available to children in middle class or affluent settings o Status is also replicated • Preferred meanings embedded in stories o Gender SOCI 305 2 3/9/10 o Norms o Freedom o Rules o Imperfection is okay • Implications for society o Adults think by telling these stories children absorb lessons, but they won’t necessarily understand them in the same way o Both conformity and creativity: multiple contradictory lessons o...
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3-9 - o End of 19 th century books began to involve...

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