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3-24 - o Trying to make oneself seem of higher status by...

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SOCI 305 1 3/23/10 Children, Popular Culture and Fear SOCI 305 Assumptions Violence, sex, coarse language being harmful; “parents know best” Kids are alone, negative influence Exposure to material will cause children to act in a certain way Kids want to watch violent TV shows While they were passing VChip, the 1996 Telecommunications Act deregulated the industry Connection between socioeconomic status and how dangerous popular culture was o The wealthier the community, the greater the fear of popular culture o Status production: they produced their status by criticizing presumed media effects
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Unformatted text preview: o Trying to make oneself seem of higher status by denouncing popular culture • Less to do with the actual content and more to do with how we use the fears that surround popular culture • Implications of these assumptions o Gives parents and government the right to censor o Justifies parental control o Fear of others o Scapegoat • Relationship between communities that experience high levels of poverty and violence, not media • Circular fear that feeds upon itself, keeps us away from getting at the root of significant problems...
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