4-20 - • How many children are uninsured today • Beyond...

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SOCI 305 1 4/20 Children’s Health and Well-Being SOCI 305 Observations from video o Middle class family o Other people maybe need the services, why me o Neglect is often the outcome of hard choices o Middle class mom portrayed as the result of the economy, people begin to see structural reasons, but seldom afford such explanations to those lower in the economic spectrum Children’s access to health care o Almost identifal rates for 100% poverty and below and 100% to 200% Very fine line between being under the poverty level or above it CHIP o Just under 3 million enrolled in Medical o 700,000 enrolled in SCHIP Attempt to cover people who wouldn’t be covered otherwise
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Unformatted text preview: • How many children are uninsured today? • Beyond symbols of pity: children’s perspective on illness (Clark) • How are children actively involved in the healing process? o Importance of play o Small things can have big impacts o Alienation o Art o Imagination to cope with pain o Embarrassment o Use of rituals • Health care policy and children in general SOCI 305 2 4/20 o Children can be brought into the process as active participants, less anxiety, pain or discomfort if they are engaged in this way o What kinds of choices should children be able to make? o Ethical concerns: should medical care be a right? •...
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4-20 - • How many children are uninsured today • Beyond...

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