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Sociology 305m Final Exam Spring 2010 DUE Thursday 5/6 at 4 pm in KAP 352 (and on Blackboard) Answer each of the following four essay questions to the best of your ability. Your responses must be typed, double-spaced, with reasonable font and margins (1” top, bottom, sides). Be sure to integrate information from the readings into each response . However, you are to use NO DIRECT QUOTES. Instead, paraphrase and cite the source appropriately. The point of this exam is to assess how well you understand the ideas presented in the readings and lectures and how well you incorporate the authors’ thoughts with your own. While quality is valued over quantity, most questions will require two to three pages to be complete. Be sure that your response to each question is focused and has a clear introduction, thesis statement, support, and conclusion. Your responses should provide analysis of the central issues of the course. The exam must be turned in to Dawn Fries’s box in the sociology department
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