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Essay 2 - the new hotel When the guests arrived at the new...

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When a guest arrives at a hotel, the first thing that they probably want to do is check in and then go take a rest. So if a guest arrives at your hotel and I, the manager, can’t find the reservation number and we are all sold out, there a few things I would do. As a manager, your main goal is customer satisfaction and making everyone happy. To make a customer happy in this situation, you can do a few things. You can walk them to a another hotel (that you have set up for them), offer the customer great rates during a period when the hotel is almost sold out, or set them up with another date when the rates aren’t so high. The most wise and easy decision would to find another hotel for them and offer to walk them there. If that would be the choice, I would first call ahead to make sure they had an open room. After they confirmed that there was room at their hotel for our guest, we would call them a cab or give them a ride to
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Unformatted text preview: the new hotel. When the guests arrived at the new hotel I would take care of their checking in and pay for their troubles (cab fare, hotel room, and amenities). To show that I was sorry for the inconvenience, I would also pay for them to go to a nice dinner or order in. If my hotel was only sold out for the one night, then I would arrange for my people to go and pick them and their stuff us and transport them back to my hotel the next day with a better room awaiting them. If it was impossible for me to find them a hotel for the night then I would definitely offer them better rates at another time and make sure that their stay would be as special as possible. Unfortunately it happens in our industry and it is hard to avoid it. Any way that you look at it is the manager’s job to do whatever they can to make sure the customer is as happy as they could be....
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