Math220S10Syllabus - Analytic Geometry Calculus I Math 220...

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Math 220 - Spring 2010 COORDINATOR: Chris Pinner, CW113, [email protected], 532-0587. TEXT: Calculus: Early Transcendentals (6th. Edition), by James Stewart. PROCEDURE: This course is organized along the lecture-recitation method. Each week you are expected to attend two lectures (Mondays and Wednesdays) and two recitation classes (Tuesdays and Thursdays). The material to be covered in each lecture along with the corresponding exercise set is indicated on the after each lecture, reread the material and do as many of the assigned exercises as you can before the next recitation class. Try to get the remaining exercises worked in your recitation class, but, one way or another, you should eventually have all of the assigned exercises solved. Work lots of problems; problem solving is the most important aspect of this course. Don’t fall behind and seek help if you don’t understand something. COURSE INSTRUCTORS: The lectures will be given by Prof Gabriel Nagy 9:30am or Prof Chris Pinner 1:30pm. You will also have a recitation instructor who you will meet at your first recitation class. Contact details (email, phone, office numbers, office hours etc.) can be found on the math dept web-page (under ‘Personnel Directory’). GRADING: Your recitation instructor will administer your exams and determine your final letter grade. You may earn 778 points in this course: 100 points on each of the three hour exams, 200 points on the final exam, 112 points for homework, 66 points for the online homework and 100 points in recitation (for quizzes, class participation, or attendance). Your recitation instructor will explain exactly how your recitation points will be determined. Letter grades will be assigned for each exam, but these should be considered only as an indication of your progress. These curves will be used to decide the final grade cutoffs (out of 778). HOMEWORK:
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Math220S10Syllabus - Analytic Geometry Calculus I Math 220...

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