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civil engineering student handbook - STUDENT HANDBOOK...

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S TUDENT H ANDBOOK DEPARTMENT OF CIVIL ENGINEERING FIEDLER HALL, ROOM 2118 KANSAS STATE UNIVERSITY MANHATTAN, KS 66506-5000 Tel: (785) 532-5862 E-mail: [email protected] URL: Seventh Edition Fall 2008
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Civil Engineering Student Handbook – Fall 2008 2 INTRODUCTION This handbook is intended to help students in the Department of Civil Engineering understand and make effective use of the educational opportunities available within the framework of the civil engineering curriculum. With these opportunities come responsibilities to plan carefully, and to use resources of the University to support development of the student’s personal, academic, and professional objectives. The faculty in the Department is available to assist students in this endeavor. The primary responsibility for meeting graduation requirements rests with the student. Although this handbook delineates many requirements of the University, the College of Engineering, and the Department, it should not be utilized as a sole source of information to the exclusion of other University publications. Students should obtain current copies of University publications that will describe the most recent policies. Students should be aware that the educational process is constantly evolving. This may result in periodic changes in curriculum requirements. Students are advised that these changes may have an impact upon course prerequisites and course offerings that may affect their program of study. The Department will make every effort to accommodate students who would be adversely affected by such changes. However, students are responsible for informing themselves of changes and determining the impact the changes will have upon their course sequencing and ultimately their graduation date. The program in civil engineering consists of a series of courses in mathematics, science, engineering science, engineering design, and humanities/social sciences. ACCREDITATION The civil engineering program is fully accredited by the Accreditation Board for engineering and Technology (ABET). DEGREE REQUIREMENTS Students entering as of the Fall 2008 semester are required to successfully complete 128 credit hours of required courses in the curriculum. TRANSFER The College of Engineering Student Services website on Academic Advising provide details on the procedures and standards of credit transfer: QUIZ-OUT PROCEDURES The Department allows qualified students to avoid repeating course work in subject areas they have already mastered through non-academic or non- transfer credit means. Students should enroll in the course for which they seek credit by examination and contact the course instructor or department head during the first week of classes for details of the quiz-out procedure to be followed for the course. FACULTY
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civil engineering student handbook - STUDENT HANDBOOK...

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