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CheckPoint - Conservation and Preservation

CheckPoint - Conservation and Preservation - after saying...

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Conservation and Preservation 1 The difference between conservation and preservation in my point of view is that to conserve is to use cautiously and to preserve, keep, and maintain the way it is. A better definition for conservation will be the preservation and careful management of the environment and natural resources; when an occurrence of improvement is done by virtue of preventing the loss, damage or any other change. I believe that in cases of National Forests such as The Bridger Teton, is close to impossible to use carefully in order to search for oil and gas, especially because “no one knows how much gas or oil might be” there (University of Phoenix, 2008, p. 5). To search for oil and gas in any place, it means they will have to build roads and pipelines, drill holes, and everything else to do the job;
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Unformatted text preview: after saying that, I do not believe humans can harvest forest resources in an environmentally friendly way. As per the Bridger Teton video, critics of energy exploration say new development will fragment a rare ecosystem and block critical wildlife migration routes. Preservation in the other hand is the activity of protecting something, or on this case, the National Forest, from damages and losses; to preserve and leave the way it is. As mentioned in the video, The Bridger Teton National Forest has the last great wildlife herds in America’s Northern Rockies, and I believe we should keep that way. I strongly believe that is more than about time for the human race to start searching and creating other forms of energy besides oil and gas....
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