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CheckPoint: Succession and Natural Selection 1 The definition of succession in my point of view is a form of community change in particular structure after a drastic disruption in the physical environment. The Succession animation presented in this material was about a secondary succession because the change in species composition took place where there was existing vegetation which was destroyed by beaver’s dam, but the soils was already present, and then with time new species of plants are formed, eventually developing trees. According to Darwin’s theory of natural selection, the aquatic salamanders had to evolve in response to environmental conditions in order to adapt and increase their chance of survival. This evolution was
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Unformatted text preview: done by changing their bodies, as their habitat changed from terrestrial to aquatic, the needs for limbs became less with time, they are able to move faster and hide in smaller locations from predators, therefore more likely to survive, reproduce and pass this adjustment to future generations. This is an example of how species responds and evolve to their environment in order to survive; as observed by Darwin, many organisms changed their bodies with favorable variations in order to survive an reproduce at a higher rate, which is the evolution by natural selection (Charles Darwin)....
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