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Unformatted text preview: There are many ways to get reservation information, both essential and non-essential. They are described below. One of the most essential information to get on a reservation is the arrival and departure date. The arrival and departure date tells when and how long a certain guest will be occupying your rooms. Another big question to ask them is how many nights they will be staying at your hotel. This is important because you could possibly cut them a deal or improve their stay based on that information. Generally the name is a key part in the reservation because it is how you look them up and how they are maintained in your hotel’s reservation list. The guest’s name has become more important in the most recent years because it helps you find their confirmation number, date of arrival, and what their rate is. Non-essential reservation data is just information that is nice to have but is not necessarily required. Their estimated time of arrival is an important piece of information because you can properly required....
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