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ECSE 527 Optical Engineering Course Outline January 2010 Instructor : Andrew Kirk Office: MCENG 809 Tel: 398-1542 Office hours: by appointment email: [email protected] Teaching Assistant: Imran Cheema (email: [email protected]) Lectures : MWF 10:35-11:25 in Wong 1050 Main Text: Optics by E.Hecht (Addison Wesley), 4 th Ed. (but editions 2 or 3 are acceptable). This text will cover about 80% of the class material. Supplementary texts: Fundamentals of Photonics by Saleh and Teich (Wiley) – this is available via the McGill library as an ebook. Modern Optical Engineering by Smith (McGraw Hill), Introduction to Fourier Optics by Goodman (McGraw Hill) Some material from these texts will be provided during the course, so you should not need them yourself. However, they are all useful optics texts if you want to find out more about the topic. Rationale: Free-space optical components play a central role in many areas of electrical engineering. They are found within optical fiber networks, in data storage and retrieval (as optical disks), in data capture (point-of- sale scanners for example), data communications, medical diagnostics, surgery, environmental sensing and material processing. There is a need for electrical engineers to have a good understanding of the applications of optics and photonics. Learning Outcomes: After taking this course you should be able to design and analyze a wide range of different free-space optical systems, including imaging, communication and illumination systems. You will be able to evaluate the effects of polarization, interference, diffraction and lens aberrations on system performance. You will be able to use modern optical design software to simulate, design and evaluate free-space optical systems. The application of this knowledge to the design of photonic systems will be stressed throughout. Instructional Method:
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This note was uploaded on 09/28/2010 for the course ECSE ECSE 527 taught by Professor Kirk during the Winter '10 term at McGill.

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outline - ECSE 527 Optical Engineering Course Outline...

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