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CheckPoint Information System Business Problem Dimensions

CheckPoint Information System Business Problem Dimensions -...

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Checkpoint: Information System Business Problem Dimensions The three dimensions to business problems are organization, people and technological components. Problems within organization are poor business process, culture that is unsupportable, and changes in the surrounding environment. Technological problems are hardware that has not been updated, software that needs to be tweaked and the database reaching capacity, and the use of old systems with new technology. Problems in the people include training of individuals, evaluating performance, employee compliance,
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Unformatted text preview: poor management, and employees who support and participate. IT and information systems consist of hardware and software that is needed in order to keep the business up to par to achieve business objectives. This may include but it not limited to computer drives, hand held computers, and even software. Information systems are sets of interrelated components that retrieve, store, and use information to support the reasons behind why managers and workers analyze problems. They also help visualize complex subjects, and create new products....
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