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MS&E 252 Handout #1 Decision Analysis I September 21 st , 2010 ______________________________________________________________________ Page 1 of 7 Course Guide Course Guide to MS&E 252 Decision Analysis I Welcome to Decision Analysis I. This course guide has been developed to give you an introduction to the course; the logistics involved and emphasize many important aspects. Please read this handout carefully. Introduction Everyone makes decisions, but few people think about how they do it. Psychological research shows that in many simple decision situations people make decisions that upon close examination they regard as wrong. Decision analysis is the normative field of decision-making. Throughout the course, we will develop rules of thought that will transform complex decisions into simpler decision situations where the course of action is clear. We will create powerful distinctions that will improve your personal decision- making and enable you to help others with their own decisions. Message from Ron Howard Decision analysis is the best way I know how to make decisions. That’ s not to say that thinking about decisions is important, but if you do wish to think about your choices, decision analysis is the best way I know how to achieve clarity of action. In MS&E 252, I will profess how to carry on a conversation for achieving clarity of actional thought by combining precisely defined concepts. Throughout the quarter, I will ask you to demonstrate your proficiency at conducting a professional conversation about decision- making building on the concepts present in lectures or in course materials. I guarantee that MS&E 252 will help you create powerful distinctions to improve your personal decision-making and to help others with their decisions.
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MS&E 252 Handout #1 Decision Analysis I September 21 st , 2010 ______________________________________________________________________ Page 2 of 7 Course Guide Lectures Day: Tuesdays and Thursdays Time: 11:00 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. Location: Nvidia Auditorium Professor Howard, one of the founders of Decision Analysis and a teacher and practitioner for over 30 years, will lead the lectures. The lectures have been developed to demonstrate lessons that have been learned through the practice and teaching of decision analysis. Professor Howard’s style features a mix of Socratic dialogue, demonstration, lecture, and directed inquiry. The lecture demonstrations capture the essence of applying decision analysis to 'real' problems. Try to appreciate the philosophy and depth behind what is being taught in the lectures and demonstrations, even if they appear deceptively simple. Listen carefully to the questions posed and the responses provided by Dr. Howard. There is a deep meaning in every conversation. The course is interactive:
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HO1-Course_Guide - MS&E 252 Handout #1 Decision Analysis I...

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