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1 MS&E 264 Management Science and Engineering Department Autumn Quarter 2010 Prof. Dariush Rafinejad Course Outline and Assignments Class 1 Introduction Reading : 1. Rafinejad, D., “Innovation, New Product Development and Commercialization”, J. Ross Publishing, 2007 – Chapter 5 : Product Development Process Description Review the course content and schedule. Review principles of product/process development methodology and manufacturing strategies. Questions 1. Would a repeatable and predictable product development process hinder innovation? 2. What should be the basis of product development strategy: customer need satisfaction, competitive advantage, sustainable development, shareholder value growth? Class 2 The Sustainability Challenge Movie: Who Killed the Electric Car? Description This movie is about market introduction and withdrawal of the electric car in late 1990s and highlights the business, market, technological and regulatory challenges in development and commercialization of sustainable products. Questions 1. How do you assess GM’s product development and commercialization strategy for the electric car in late 1990s? Contrast that with Toyota’s Prius strategy in the same time frame (see the Prius case study in class 14). 2. Would the electric car of late 1990s be successful in 2010? Why?
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2 Class 3 Sustainable Products and Manufacturing Reading: 1. Brundtland, 1987 Report of the World Commission on Environment and Development. 2. “Boundaries for a Healthy Planet”, Scientific American March 19, 2010 Description Review key concepts in sustainable development – challenges and opportunities. Discuss the definition of sustainable products and the imperative new holistic approach to product innovation, development and manufacturing. It is not easy to be sustainable! Questions 1. What are the critical dimensions in the Brundtland definition of sustainable development? 2. How would they impact product design development, manufacturing and marketing strategies? How about their impact on product development process? Class 4 Millipore Defines Sustainability at Organizational Level Case: Sustainability at Millipore Reading Case: Sustainability at Millipore, 9-610-012 (12/10/2009) Description After the launch and initial two years of an environmental sustainability initiative, Millipore plans to become more environmentally sustainable. However, future projects seem more risky and bear lower financial returns. The company needs more systematic approach to selecting investment opportunities. On a more strategic level, Millipore needs to decide whether changes are needed in its organizational structure. Questions
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Course+Outline+and+Assignments,+Fall+2010 - SUSTAINABLE...

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