Sample Outline Fiel - description& features/capabilities V Sustainability assessment of(2 a Product/process development process b Design c

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Field Study Project Sample Outline (Suggested number of pages per section) I. Executive Summary (0.5) II. Background Information (0.5) a. The industry b. The company history c. Market characteristics, in general & vis-à-vis sustainability III. Description of the Field Study Project (1) a. Objectives b. Broad description/scope c. Focus area and why it was chosen IV. Company’s product and/or manufacturing process (1) a. Company’s product/process development process b. Description of the product/process: application, technical
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Unformatted text preview: description & features/capabilities V. Sustainability assessment of: (2) a. Product/process development process b. Design c. Operational (manufacturing) practices VI. Discussion of the area of focus (1) VII. Problems and opportunities for improvement (1.5) a. Statement of the challenge/opportunity b. Requirements & Constraints c. Alternative solutions d. Recommendations VIII. Summary and conclusion (0.5)...
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