HA 100 QUESTIONS - showing a Control and assuming...

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HA 100 QUESTIONS- 1. The product of hospitality industry is: a. Guest Satisfaction 2. Three types of control: a. Feedback 3. Final step of the control process: a. Taking managerial action 4. Productivity standards evaluate the job by: a. Time it takes to complete 5. Exchange taking place between a leader and a follower for reward is: a. Transactional 6. Most planning in larger business today is: a. Formal planning 7. A tall organizational structure is characterized by: a. Rigid departmentalization 8. Demands on leaders from all influences should be handled by: a. What it takes to get results by helping relations 9. Human resource department: a. Advocate for all employees 10. Guest services are_____ which means they can’t be test driven before experiencing. a. Intangible 11. Control is: a. Management function 12. The control process has 4 steps the 1 st is which: a. Setting standards 13. Leaders process a mental and physical intensity that cause them to be assertive by
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Unformatted text preview: showing: a. Control and assuming responsibility 14. A matrix structure is an organization design that: a. Assigned spet from different areas to work together 15. The largest part of a message in communicating interpersonally is seen in: a. The response 16. The decentralization shows a company has become: a. More flexible and responsive 17. Practices from good leaders always are: a. Being a model to show the way 18. The difference between formal and informal communication miss that: a. Formal is job related and follows the chain of command 19. Strategic planning contains 6 steps, one of which is: a. Identifying strategies for ones future 20. Planning actually: a. Work with employees 21. Final step in control process: a. Taking managerial action...
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HA 100 QUESTIONS - showing a Control and assuming...

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