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scan0005 - 99995 10 ll 12 13 I4 M The second energy love...

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Unformatted text preview: 99995» 10. ll. 12. 13. I4. M The second energy love! can hold _8_ elections The timber of valence electrons in Group 2 elements is Z . An electron inenergy level4 has mwmmm electronin energy level ofl. Since the first energy level oonmim only the ls sublevel, the number ofelements infiris period is only 1. Identify what each of the four quantum numbers represent. 1% Prlmt pat q/M‘Wm mm Themergyehangewhenanélwuonisaequimdhyanermnlatomiscafledthe mgr Ln) "WdWa’fib mam curtaiw WVQJ‘ 2": m outer mum-mm qye-fi-wm mum m" U\ 3": *e‘macc. cf of tar-val WM—H L qmwm fl ‘ YW—r-xm worker-ital 4“: 5P\r\ql/¢/\+an\ numw #an swatch L555;q * 3&3 umber Lr‘h‘i What does the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle state? How does it affect our view of the atom? Ill-l ‘5 '.MPOS;&\bL?. «m dL-l-ttmm bowl/"1M ease—lam“ c? an ewe-Wm- 'I‘hcmeasureofthe abilityofanatominnchemical compoundtoatnneteleelmnslscalled +r rt . List the types of sublevels in each ofthe following energy levels. 1’: '5: 2"]: SI P 3“,: b I \P I d 4*: S: P l d)‘F What does Hund’s Rule state? ofbx'relé eve. eta—Ch unnoticed -* e Leo: me In encru; or pram, mutfl- hex-LJWLQ *3 P ’ W What does Pauli’s Exclusion Principle some?i no two reduce-worm m m am am Mu. arm. W “mu/mum nominate; Moseley discovered that elements with similar properties occurred at regular intervals when the elements were arranged by mee am. vUth-uk Write the electron configuration in orbital notation, electron configuration notation, and noble gar notation for the following elements: a. b. c. d. 1511 ‘ 2. P 3 ‘ 3 3 ”mm 3‘ fiction: 1T8"!— Nitmgm §1E§§§a CH5] 2.51295 Potassium W unu'rurm A] we wee ' .1.» ’DL we. LL Chromium :7 \ (fans. RF. A erx \e?‘ 357’ 7.9“ 357,3 —‘- LNQJ SELEP‘ \ e =52 to ‘- av r m genetémn 51% [N23 3393‘ WE new 9+5] 2.5" 29‘ 15. How many electrons are needed to completely fill the 3'“ energy level? 1 g 16. What do quantum numbers deem-loo? How are they different from electron configmations? ‘ v i: mums; {meet—ms c? ameewnfi m dame/Wt .cs‘ ie\ due 0 mt ‘2mi1. C new“ {2 umber e” ”5? l 554.... \ LLLC‘WOH came; it— devious E N1 Li's ...
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