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scan0007 - 37 39 49 50 Howisabondclassifiedasaeertaintype...

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Unformatted text preview: 37- 39- 49- 50. Howisabondclassifiedasaeertaintype? «- foma’erno‘liaKan/ awaqv (meat, flaxrfgmi‘i Cove-Mir: error-n ‘e-LQCAW ems prw m z tflflm 211;; m3 F‘: D!"- I‘v”\_e_“'€::‘s) ewe “p013; mar-{mew m» ‘3. Moms +mw‘ aw» 4hr; warrzflg- @133: ’12an disserruezew 04; C flargifl What is the difierence between a polar covalent bond and a nonpolsr covalent bond? pow-3r c ova who“ ban : UAJILQ U51: 544: veg—Ho fl \ \\ \ hen ”(DOVE-V" ‘L chV-af: a} Hmfim' um C_:5~f':"i. 3+ 0r“ is ) . Iftwoofthesameatomsarebondedtoeachothet‘,thebondwi.llbe neg} PEP-Vi . . Ahond between two atoms with a difference in electronegativities greater than 1.7 is classified as i E H {5 I o A bond between two atoms with a difference in eledmnegafivitim greater than A but 13s than _\-__is classified as polar covalent Bonds that have less than 5% ionic character are considered f‘ '~ ~ i ’i ME; Lao ,5; g2 13: .2 , electrons in the atom participate in bonding. Usuallynabondbetweenanonmetalandmetalis \DN C~ . Usually,abondbemv8entwononmetalsis QQM£Q 1+ . Using Figure 5—20 on p. 151, determine the diflerenew in elecuonegafivity between the tvm atoms listed (Show work in box) and the classification of a bond created between these 2 atoms below. ' Classification L.»’~‘ “new" dxsfismee. DQ’LLQWQ’W 2 -. em ,2; ”c Cute-ff“ 1- $904.6“— 2. ”m ”364 1 F: T?" w :I-“ What is a diatomic molecule? Give some examples. a meme Una (Lon—y'atm m. q ("FEE-1A Z BWOWH 3 r, K ©2- W b Matisxheoctetmle‘e gr ENCLH' F ”AWE: we «H; bot-«:3 am We each etc-w" =.-..,mt,£-Cl QM (SCAG-“P . “a": 6334‘... ...
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