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scan0011 - 5er 13 All ‘ IQ acidshave “hydro-“ prefix...

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Unformatted text preview: 5er 13. All ‘ IQ acidshave “hydro-“ prefix. 8472263 15. Fill in the chart below win: the missing infomation concerning acids. 14. All E I l 3’? ’r A acids have “-ic" ending " brie.- l6 Assign oxidation states ‘to each of the elemenis' m dike following compounds: 8.. 1-1230: ‘3‘ ’31 E> st+ b. Mgso. H: +\ : —»"Z_ __ c. [(18 m: *2. 5... '4GC S“; -2 K c d l d. 4qu l7. Givcihcformulas fwfiofollowingccmpounds: a. carbonteuachlofide CCU; b. boron triflaoridc Eu'Fe, c. diphosphoms pentoxidc P206 d. sulfur hexafluoride ”0%- (I, 18. Give the Stoc'KIISg ficgynnmsfonfli: Ifgllgafimg compounds: 9. carbmtenachloride Clair loom L11} Ca r-mrjggm b. bonmtziflnoride f” -. f 1 \ a :oraf LE} Wuorfli c. diphosphorus pmtoxide "mam hows LEI) Ox‘idL d. sulfur hexafluoridc Suiiflx =1:er FUJDHM N53+\ g, HCOI‘" O—‘i-"Z i'l':+i b 0: Oxulfl/fl =0 c. phosphorus pentachlonde Pct: £ nitrogen dioxide N O 7. g. dinilrogcn pentoxide MO c. phosphorus peniachloride 's"'g“\_‘jgf_‘§3r :r z :1 ‘1 f. nitrogen dioxide ,NJ .m 1- ,;~:‘.:'_fg{1\.. g. dinitrogcn pcntoxido ...
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