WHAP 30-36 Review

WHAP 30-36 Review - WHAP Review (30-36) Soviet Economy-...

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WHAP Review (30-36) Soviet Economy- collectivization, heavy industry, tax peasants, low productivity Stalin’s Five Year Plans- resulted in heavy industry that rivaled the West Hitler politics- GD=fascism >Nazis, war veterans atk ineffective parle countries lost ind post-WWII- Austria, USSR, Japan (occupied by U.S.), Korea Japan (1938) conquers Manchuria and tightens hold on Korea Japan bombs Pearl Harbor 1941, U.S. a-bombs Horishma + Nagawasaki (1945) WWII ended alliance of Indian National Congress (ICP) w/ Britain technocrat- intense eng/economics training b/c devotion to national planning/welfare Manuel Noriega- US invades Panama and arrests this strongman leader Castro reforms- collectivization, socialism, social ed. health and housing Ayatollah Khomeini- led the Iranian Revolution: rel purification similar to Mahdi Nelson Mandela-freed in 1990, ended Apartheid, first prez in 1994 elections Syngman Rhee led S Korea coup 1961 > Park Chung-hee killed 1979 > milt general Politics globalize slower than commerce/tech, worry of loss of control National Socialist Party- Nazi’s in Germany Solzhenitsyn- exiled to U.S. after pub. of trilogy on Siberian prison camps
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WHAP 30-36 Review - WHAP Review (30-36) Soviet Economy-...

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