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21-22 PAP Test Review

21-22 PAP Test Review - Austin Wangs 21-22 Heep Test Review...

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Austin Wang’s 21-22 Heep Test Review 1. Indo-China: Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia 2. Hanoi: largest north city in Vietnam; Saigon is South and Hue is the largest emperial city 3. Sir Thomas Raffles founded Singapore 4. Modern Sain is Thailand 5. Taiwan's old name is Formosa 6. Thailand was independent so it could be a buffer between French and British 7. Mexico Independence: Sept. 16, Defeat of French by Mexico: May 5 8. Father of Mexican Independence: Hidalgo 9. Indian who lead Mexicans against French- Benito Juarez 10. Corrupt Mexican president when Revolution in 1910 broke out: P. Diez 11. 2 Mexican revolutionaries: Zapata of the north and Pancho Via of the south 12. Father of Philippine Independence: Aguinaldo 13. US helped Colombia stir revolution for Panama Canal 14. 1898: Spain against US (world power): US got Puerto Rico and Guam 15. Henry Stanley: Livingstone; Congo- Leopold of Belgium; grew rich off raw material of rubber 16. Africa's raw material, gold, silver, and diamonds 17. Boer Wars: started by Cecil Rhodes; South Africa went to Britain
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