WHAP 1-30 Review

WHAP 1-30 Review - WHAP 1-30 Review India Aryans from north...

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WHAP 1-30 Review India Aryans - from north conquered India in Vedic (1500 – 600BC) age. Developed Sanskrit Vedas, and caste during formative Epic age. Huns- invaded 480-550 CE toppling declining Gupta. Reversion to Hinduism. Hindu Values - Polytheistic, karma, dharma, caste system, Brahman priests Buddhism - Siddhartha Gautama (Buddha 563-483) rejected caste system, supp. nirvana Indian National Congress Party - 1885, Gandhi- non vio no coop, B.G. Tilak-violent leader Islam Islamic Expansion – the tribes united under Islam expanded from the Arabian Peninsula into the Middle East. Booty and conversions spurred Islamic military conquests. ummah - the community of the faithful, transcended old tribal boundaries Muhammad’s death - destabilized ummah, succession battles > Ridda wars > Abu Bakr Abbasid economy -The rise of the mawali >growth in wealth and status of merchants and landlords. Urban prosperity led to increased artisan handicraft production. veiling - supposedly protected men from the sexuality of women (male dom.) Arabic trade after 1100 - expansive trade, growth thru 1100 (time of Christian crusades) Crusades- Christian knights took adv. of Islamic disunity (nomad atk) Acre(last) fell 1291 Abbasid decline - began w/ no succession rule from Caliph al-Mahdi (775-785) Ottoman dynasty- 1453 -17 th c. (decline) milt. losses, corruption, expansive territory Tanzimat reforms- 1837-1876, Janissaries removed, ed. and tech. reforms, infrastructure Africa African Slave trade was tapped by Portugal in agreement with African rulers. Columbian
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WHAP 1-30 Review - WHAP 1-30 Review India Aryans from north...

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