sem review unknowns

sem review unknowns - WHAP Review Practice *highlighteds =...

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Unformatted text preview: WHAP Review Practice *highlighteds = ones I didn’t remember o toltecs- cap. at Tula in 986, picked up civ. from teotihuacan in C. Mexico o peter the great- traveled incognito to the west, westernized Europe, moved cap. t st Petersburg on the Baltic sea, brought in buro’s from oustside the aristocracy, started the secret police to monitor the buro/admin. o bourbon- gained succession of Spain w/ treaty of Utrecht (1713) and reformed weak admin o roman senate- rep. of aristocracy, any1 could participate in gov. o Indus river valley civ- 2500 BC cities like Harrapa and trade contact w/ Mesopotamia o Isaac Newton- wrote the treatise Principia Matematica o monotheism- belief in one god (islam= first world religion) Judaism – 1 st mono rel. o central asian nomads o Pugachev rebellion- peak of rebellions in 1770’s Russia (blamed landlords, loyal to Tsar) o Portuguese bullion- outflow of bullion to Asia, Euro products too primitive for trade o sahel- southern borderland of the Sahara(Africa) point of exchange of goods o the italian renaisaance- movement brought artistic rebirth, based on a more commercial economy, began in the 14 th c., associated w/ Niccolo Machiavelli & ended with invasion by France/Spain o world eco post 1450- trade dom. the world economy, Europe on top, Americas added to econ o catholic church in the Americas- great infl. in Canada, and pol. infl. in Latin America o Christian crusades- began in 1096 took holy lands from fragmented islam, held until 1291, gained knowledge from Muslims o Justinian – 9 th c. built the Hagia Sophia, rebuilt classical Constantinople, failed conquest o 1494- Treaty of Tordesillas made a N/S line of colonial boundaries between Spain& Portugal...
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sem review unknowns - WHAP Review Practice *highlighteds =...

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