WHAP Semester I Review

WHAP Semester I Review - WHAP Semester I Review Toltecs-...

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WHAP Semester I Review Toltecs- cap. Tula 986 CE, cont. civ. from Teotihuacan collapse, central Mexico Peter the Great- autocratic Russian ruler moved cap. Of Byz. To St. Petersburg (Baltic Sea) in 1700, recruited buro’s from outside the aristocracy, initiated a secret police (monitor buro) Bourbon won succession of Spain w/ Treaty of Utrecht(1713) and reformed weak admin Roman Senate- rep. of the aristocracy but allowed any1 to participate Isaac Newton wrote the treatise Principia Mathematica Monotheism- belief in one god, (Islam first world religion) Central Asian nomads made contacts between sedentary civs. (bridged them) Pugachev rebellion (1770’s) in Russia peak of rebellions (blamed landlords but loyal to Tsar) Portuguese had an outflow of bullion to Asia, their products were too primitive for trade Sahel- southern borderland of the Sahara in Africa, point of exchange of goods The Renaissance started in Italy based on a more commercial economy, began in the 14 th c., After 1450 trade became dom., adding Americas to the world economy + rise of the West 6 th c. Justinian failed to reconq. West Byz. but rebuilt classical Constantinople, built Hagia Sophia The Christian Crusades took pol. fragmented Islamic Holy lands, held 1096-1291 gained knowledge from Muslims (superior weapons, texts etc.) The Five Pillars of Islam – 1)confession of faith 2) pray 5 times daily 3) fasting in the month of Ramadan 4) payment of tithe(zakat) for charity 5) hajj, pilgrimage to Mecca early 16 th c. Calvinist- Jean Calvin, in Geneva ; predestination of those who would be saved; participation of all believers in church affairs (infl. their ideas about gov. = democracy?) Socrates invented inner/outer circle discussion, ask questions to learn 1488 rounded Cape of Good Hope, 1497 Vasco de Gama reached India, (new trade route) Mongol Yuan dynasty’s military pretended to flee and followed with heavy cavalry flank atk Dutch in SE Asia monopolized spices, charged fees, and sold within the system around 1620 Pre-Islamic Bedouin peoples had an animistic religion w/ holy shrine the Ka’ba In SE Asia sufi mystics spread Islam and it combined with indigenous animism Neolithic Revolution- ended the stone age humans began using tools and began agriculture The warrior leaders (bushi) created their own armed forces (samurai)
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This note was uploaded on 09/28/2010 for the course HIST WHAP taught by Professor Albano during the Spring '10 term at Clear Creek.

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WHAP Semester I Review - WHAP Semester I Review Toltecs-...

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