Interviewing - CSS 3306-04

Interviewing - CSS 3306-04 - I NTERVIEWING(CSS 3306.04 MWF...

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INTERVIEWING (CSS 3306.04, MWF 1:25 P.M. – 2:15 P.M.) FALL 2010 I NSTRUCTOR : Mrs. Rosalind Baty, MA O FFICE : 143 Castellaw O FFICE H OURS : MW 2:30 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. or by appointment O FFICE P HONE : 710-4257 E MAIL : [email protected] R EQUIRED T EXT Stewart & Cash. Interviewing: Principles and Practice (Twelfth Edition) C OURSE O BJECTIVE To give students a broad knowledge base of interviewing as a process in a diverse number of settings through exploration of organizational, professional, intrapersonal, and interpersonal relationship dynamics. C OURSE G OALS 1. To help students develop greater insight and skill as a potential interviewer and interviewee. 2. To facilitate student learning and professional development through studying the importance of impression management and establishing professional credibility via exercises centered on skill acquisition and simulated professional experiences. 3. To encourage students to reflect on their professional development and capacity for leadership by utilizing assessment tools, campus services, and constructive feedback. 4. To coach students to pursue professional purpose with passion and excellence in anticipation of beginning meaningful careers and not just successful job campaigns. C OURSE E VALUATION AND G RADING R UBRIC Assignments 450 Keirsey/Multiple Intelligences Reflection Paper 30 Probing Interview 100 Recruitment Interview 100 Elevator Speech 50 Career Assessment/Networking Interview 170 Quizzes 100 Four quizzes worth 25 points each (Lowest dropped at semester’s end) Final Exam 50 Total Possible Points 600
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CLASS STRUCTURE Because the art of interviewing is technically driven, students can expect a combination of lecture, scholarly discussion, role playing, life application and video-recorded interview practicum to comprise the course. There will be times that regular class sessions will not be held for recording purposes. During those times, students will only be required to attend class for their taping sessions. In addition, like most communicative experiences, interviewing requires self- analysis and reflection so that the quality of information transfer and interpersonal influence is enhanced. Students are strongly encouraged to take an introspective or “inner” view of themselves over the course of the semester by engaging in activities, discussions, and writing assignments that are tailored to understanding self. Class participation is also strongly encouraged as it will enhance the learning process and strengthen academic community. F INAL G RADES All grades are final and rounded to the nearest tenth. Additional work, course incompletes, and extra credit is not offered to students to boost their grade. Your grade in this course will reflect your efforts throughout the semester. If you are concerned about your class performance, please see me well before the end of the semester. I am willing to work with students on an individual basis or refer students for tutorial services if needed. Help me help you.
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Interviewing - CSS 3306-04 - I NTERVIEWING(CSS 3306.04 MWF...

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