Propaganda Techniques and Persuasion Assignment in PR

Analyzed nazi propaganda films for pr walter lippman

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Unformatted text preview: “flit from one alternative to the next without solid reason.” Analyzed Nazi propaganda films for PR Walter Lippman 1889-1974 Writer, reporter, political commentator Concept of the Cold War Tried to reconcile the tension between liberty and democracy and had no sympathy for communism Secretary was a spy for the Russians Said journalists are “more likely to believe the pictures in their heads.” Lippman, continued … Humans condense complex ideas into symbols, and journalism is an ineffective method for educating the public. The political savvy of the average man is “like a theater-goer walking into a play in the middle of the third act and leaving before the play is over.” Catch phrase: “manufacture of consent John Dewey 1859-1952 (93) Psychologist, philosopher, education reform Advocated ensuring a fully formed public opinion; having politicians accountable for policies they adopt Overriding theme: profound belief in democracy, be it politics, education, communication or journalism Teaching: balance...
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